Welcome to the 3D charts (v. 3.1) user manual. ADVANCE-MEDIA is glad to be able to present to you one of the most comprehensive 3D charting tools around. 3D charting is the enticing way to visualize data. Why choose 3D? Because of an excellent multi series support and because we humans got two eyes made for three dimensional sight. We are used to gather a lot of information with our dimensional perception at a glimpse, 3D will ease the flow of information. This chart application offers a traditional 2D view option as well to satisfy all and lets the user toggle between the 3D and 2D view with a simple click of a button while runtime. Of course any surface charting is native to 3D!
  • Combine (floating) Column Cylinder Area (Wall) Line StepLine Bubble and Surface charts colored by series or regions (height) plus combine the innovative 3D Candlestick and 3D Kagi chart type for advanced stock market charting and Renko as single series. True 3D multi series are supported, no need for a staggered or clustered 2D multi series charting approach. A second movie will display your Pie Doughnut Pyramid Cone Funnel staggered (single series) Column & Cylinder charts with slicing option and a third one for multi series Polar and Radar or so called Spider 3D charts as Area Line or Rose type. Just three files that's all it takes. The charts feature drill down links and much more...
  • All data is retrieved via a simple editable external XML file. This XML file can be generated by any middleware language such as ASP.NET, ASP, Cold Fusion, JSP, PHP or Pearl etc. to hook-up to any database for advanced dynamic real time charting. Yet this XML file can be created with any text editor, no database is required, it can be injected via the FlashVars object and it does support UTF-8 multilingual fonts.
  • Animated and interactive 3D charts. No static image. Interactivity will boost your data analysis. Look up values of single data points. Slice with a click while runtime. Customizable via its XML data structure. Simply set xml attributes to suit a wide range of various homepage designs. Page integration is made very easy. Resizable. Externally loaded hover sound effects (.mp3) and Flash (swf) or image background files will further help to catch the user's attention.
  • Embed the 3D chart in your homepage via html or nested inside another Flash 6 up to Flash 10 (AS1 AS2 AS3) movie (plus Air) and even in a powerpointTM slide presentation while maintaining full interactivity.
  • No extra server sided component is needed, flash charts will not put strain on your server. In case this is not done already, just configure your sever to output flash's .swf format (mime-type). The free Flash plug-in is industry standard and is installed on 98% of all computers!
  • The very small file size (32KB-43KB) will boot quickly. The chart movie will be cached by the browser, a second chart movie displaying completely different data will not reload the entire movie all over again resulting in a swift experience.
  • The 3D charts comprise three slightly different versions. A recommended Flash 10 AS3 version which features a fullscreen option variable framerate and 20 digit 64-bit double-precision number format as specified by the IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic (IEEE-754). Only the Flash 10 version supports alpha transparency effects for any chosen font as well as a save as PNG image file option. A Flash 9 AS3 version which is almost identical to the Flash 10 version. This Flash 9 version is not quite as fast due to the performance boost of Flash 10 and the new Flash 10 Vector driven Array storage capabilities. Both Flash 9 and 10 versions feature very low CPU usage while animation still stand. Plus an older and slower Flash 6 MX AS1 version (AS1-AS2 Flash 6-8 compatible) with 14 digit number support. All versions provide the scientific exponential E Notation variable decimal thousand and thousandth separators customizable number scaling as well as number prefix and suffix.