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It is indeed quite exciting to be part of the prerelease program for the upcoming FLASH CS5 version.
To get our hands on the BETA version to play with the new features to find bugs
and to see it evolve was like giving a new toy to a boy.
As a team we did fulfill all requirements to get accepted by ADOBE as beta tester.
So first of all special thanks to Michael of theweavergroup.
His experience with building apps for the iPhone prior to CS5 Beta was great!
To start with we got access to the so called Viper which compiles flash to ipa archives (app for iPhone/iPod/iPad)
All new is the supported Accelerometer. Fantastic for games!
It also is good for stageOrientation and Landscape or Portrait mode.
Of course there are multi touch gestures
and a whole set of geoLocation (3D GeoGlobe app) action script commands etc.
Most likely we will get access to sending SMS and calling a phone number.
Some more information can be found here: CS5 for iPhone
That Viper prerelease program has expired by now and because our apps got accepted by Apple's iTunes store
we were invited to join the next prerelease phase.
INFO: AIR 2.5 mobile on Android 2.1.

Adobe even was so kind to send us a NEXUS ONE mobile phone.
WOW. Thanks! We can keep it too! In return they asked to post a video and to spread the word.
So if you do not believe it, please watch this clip.

Adobe really will open new doors as this is the first format
that lets you develop for multiple mobile platforms plus online.
And no monopoly for apple devices that do not display flash in the safari browser ....
and perhaps will never do so because of that special Apple iPhone surfaceBitmap chip.
CS5 lets you programm that chip which allows up to 1000x1000 dot bitmaps to render quickly ....
but without this flash swf movies are rendered slowly and in the worst case will freeze the screen.

The new mobile features remind me of Flash 2-3 times.
Back than Flash was so interesting because it was the only format supporting sound cross platform mac + win.
That was the reason why it became industry standard later on. It advanced as the streaming video format.
Adobe's Flash CS5 will knock your socks off!

BTW, I just did send the first source code for the iPad (1024x768 px, 132 ppi) to the Adobe developer team.
That device is a entirely different category.
Took 5.000 years from the stone plate to the iPad.
From the mason to the webmaster.
I'll keep you posted.

OK, I got one more thing to tell. This is just for insiders though.
It is most likely the least propagated but very useful new feature.
Flash Professional CS5 finally will allow pre-populated Vector instances. Here is the syntax:

var v:Vector.<int> = new <int>[0,1,2,];

Update October the 8th 2010
Adobe just released the first public version of air 2.5 runtime in the Android market place.
The final air 2.5 product is still in Beta mode though.
However we were able to officially launch our debut flash air game there.
Balloon popping fun for the entire family and especially suitable for kids!

android pop Balloon and Needle screen

These QRcodes below link to our 'POP' game in the android market place
which is not available online unlike iTunes.
Scan it with the bar code app of your Android Smartphone
by simply pointing your cam towards the monitor, go!

Free POP game lite version QRcode:

free POP game lite version QRcode

Full POP game version QRcode:

full POP game version QRcode

Update May 2011
Flash CS5.5 has been released! Included is Air 2.5 which supports Android officially.
... now it's time for Air 2.7 beta testing ... moveToSD Card ...